I went to facial in the city yesterday, in the early morning, yes, 8:30am on Saturday morning. I kinda of feel surprised about how determined I was to get the facial done… right, I haven’t gone to salon to treat myself for a long time.
Anyway, everything went well. Nice place, lovely consultant, pleasant music…the end up with me purchasing two pricey products… hmmm…
However I do realized one of my ‘deadly sin’ — is not enough exfoliating, which leads to my enlarged pore, blackheads and acne from time to time..oh, one thing I almost forgot — the dryness of my skin. As the beautician pointed out: I do have ‘OK’ skin, however, not enough exfoliating cause the dead skin accumulation, then here we go, everything that you don’t want to see on your skin appear.
So, well, I bought this “Dermalogica” daily exfoliant to help me stimulate cell renewal and improve my skin complexion. Although it says daily usage, I think I will only use it every other day.
Will keep you posted on how it works. 🙂 Can’t wait to use it tomorrow… I can tell you at least one thing now— it smells really good. 🙂

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