In today news, every station was talking about more public health experts have joined the call for a tax on junk food, facing the surging rates of obesity. (Read more:

So these junk food, such as frozen pizza, chocolate bar, potato chips, etc. will be 10% more expensive than what you pay at the moment. Does it really work?

I guess there are a few kinds of people:
1. Jjunk food junky — they would get the junk food no matter how much they cost, regardless
2. Love junk food, but only consume from time to time– so this policy doesn’t have any effect on health, only on cost
3. Prefer healthy food, but healthy food are more expensive than junk food– even with 10% price jump, junk food are still cheaper than many healthy food, so this group still consuming junk food, this policy doesn’t work

Mayber lower the healthy food price does more benefit than increasing the price of junk food.

Just a thought.

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