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Eye Care- Depends on the shape of your eyes 1

Expert has found that 80% of eye ageing depends on the shape of one’s eyes. Interesting eh?  If you think about it, different shape on eyes mean different thickness of your eye area, lines direction, etc. I will talk about 4 most typical shapes in the coming posts.

1. Single Eye lid

Example: Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu became successful in Hollywood, 90% probably thanks to her beautiful eyes. Among so many other stars with bigger eyes, her appearance stood out with something more classic and different.

This single eye lid shape has quite advantage in terms of ageing. You won’t look old, the eye area is always tight, no swollen, less wrinkles. Even when you getting older, the upper eye lid might get loose, but only make you look like double eye lid. haha

However:Single Eye Lid is prone to dryness

Because this type of eye area skin is thin, not a lot fat, so it’s easy to get dry, consequently, the wrinkles or fine lines. Also to maintain the tightness is very important.

Solution–Exercise eye “muscle” , use moisturizing eye cream

Something you can do– use your two fingers press the outer eye, then blink the eyes, feel like there is some sort of stretching there. 20 times every day will help exercise the eye muscle.  Using the good moisturizing eye cream is recommended, together with moderate massage around eye area will help the absorption.
Good night and see you next time!  🙂

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