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Eye Care- Depends on the shape of your eyes 2

Well, if you have eyes like Nicole Richie–Big and bright, Very attractive to everyone.Congratulations!

However, the skincare expert might want to talk more with you about the potential problems. Because the big eyes plus sharp double eye lid will cause quite some trouble for you. To make your eyes always beautiful, you need to take care more.

Possible issues: eye bag, puffiness, dark eye circle, fine lines…

Solution: To use different day/night eye care products

To tackle all these problems, the best way is to use different products for day and for night. At night, you might want to apply something good in terms of preventing dark eye circle and puffiness, help to get rid of the excess fluid. And in the morning, to use the anti-wrinkle eye cream is the best choice for the day.  Regular eye mask is helpful too. If you don’t have specific eye mask, maybe you want to try just put a tiny thicker layer of eye cream, then remove it after 10-15 mins.  🙂

Good night! & chat later!

(photo source:Instyle)

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