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Eye Care – Depends on the shape of your eyes 3

“Desperate Housewife” actress Eva Longoria has always had the fame of “HOT” since her debut. her recent NEW boyfriend Eduardo Cruz attracts more limelight. Anyway, I am not going to talk about her personal life here, just her eyes.

Very beautiful eyes, right? — Round but long eyes, with the end tip trending up. When she look at you, you will¬† feel that her eyes are speaking to you…

If you have the similar eye shape as Eva, you need to pay attention about the wrinkles/fine lines. When you smile, you can see the line direction around your eyes. That will give you an idea on how to apply the eye cream— on the opposition the direction of the lines.

So Moisturizing is the key, choosing the most appropriate eye cream and mask, apply them along the opposite direction of the lines around your eyes, with moderate pressing,  you will be set.


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