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Eye Care- Depends on the shape of your eyes 4

Example: Korean Actress- LiyuanZheng

If you have the similar eye shape like Liyuan Zheng, Korean actress, eyes tip a bit trending down, then you are on the list of most loved eye shape by males. 🙂  Apparently they think this shape of eyes call out their sense of protection for the ladies.

Dermatologists would say that you need to start taking care of your eyes from 20 years onwards. This shape of eyes would have problems like puffiness.   The puffiness would appear on the top of your eye lid, forcing the shape to turn to some sort of  triangles (after long enough), not pretty anymore.

How to solve it?

Use your two fingers like scissors, to press massage your eyes to help get rid of the puffiness.  When you apply the eye cream, try a little bit thicker than usual, before it got absorbed, massage for a while, this way you won’t stretch the vulnerable skin around eye area.  You can also make the most of the time when you feel lazy and lying in bed, cover face with your palm, push up gently to help shape of the whole face.

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