Maybe because I have a sister who is 5 years older, so even when I was at younger age, she was much more mature and started talking about ‘beauty’ topic with her girl friends. I always tried to tag along with her, although she ignored my presence…long story short, this forms my POV of ‘skin care’ at early age. One of my theories was—eye area is the most important part that need to be taken care of.
My first eye cream was just Avon at uni.  No money and some girls were doing the promotion job. I joined the group, mainly just bought for myself. At the age of 19, you didn’t really have any wrinkles; I put the cream on just for the sake of loving the idea of applying different cream to different area on your face. Still remembered that one friend joked that my face is like a lab project.
In the following years, I tried many other cheap brands — the ones you could buy from the supermarket. However with more money I earned, I started to explore bigger brands with more expensive products. Want to say something about these eye creams I ever used:

I like this brownish bottle, a bit chunky but definitely cute. The texture of the cream is silky, comfortable to use. After applying, I really feel the skin is moisturised after a day’s exposure to the severe environmental damage (lol), eager for the recovery during sleep. I don’t think it is effective for the ‘dark circles’ or ‘puffiness’ cause they are still there.

Interesting packaging, easy to use. Due to the good description on the pack, I had a high expectation. In the beginning, didn’t really feel anything different. After a few weeks, felt very comfortable, eye area was moisturised, you can tell the skin is sucking in the nutrition. Good for the fine lines.

In every woman’s life, ‘Lancome’ will appear at least one point of time. I used some of its products, overall good. This eye cream is not the super expensive one, hmmm, I think “value for money” is an appropriate word for it. The hydrating agent helps the skin to absorb, great for the delicate skin around eyes. You can also feel the skin getting firmer.

As everybody says, UV is the biggest killer of wrinkles and aging. Especially in Australia, the sun is even stronger, using this product when I am outdoor makes me worry-free. My ex-flatmate highly recommended to me. You apply daily eye-care product first, before you going outside, apply this on top. It was made of Titanium Dioxide especially for eye area, and 100% mineral filters won’t add extra burden to eye areas. My friend also suggested that it can be used as eye mask, good for dark eye circle. I should try for sure!

Clinique is comparatively cheaper than other brands listed here. However, the result is not bad at all. This product, with moisture-rich formula helps diminish the look of undereye circles, shadows, puffs over time. Helps protect natural collagen production. It’s not specifically for the fine lines though.

When I was working in my 2nd company, my direct boss was from HK. She is very pretty, with age of 32, you can never tell. Her skin was impeccable, no wrinkles around eyes at all. I asked her what eye cream she used, she told me “La mer” eye balm, expensive but very good. She even gave me a 5g sample to try. I didn’t really feel too much at that time, but I remembered the brand name.
A couple of years ago, I tried two bottles of La mer in a roll. It was expensive, Over AUD200+ for one bottle. The Eye Balm combines a triple concentration of Crème de la Mer’s original Miracle Broth™ with marine extracts and advanced botanicals to dramatically diminish the appearance of lines, wrinkles and undereye discolorations as it soothes, smoothes and softens. I didn’t really have much wrinkles, hence I didn’t strongly feel the so called ‘blue magic”. I guess it will be good to prevent or soothe fine lines. What do you think?

This one is good for moisturise. It is claimed as richly hydrating eye cream, which combats dryness, the most common cause of fine lines and wrinkles, and effectively treats other visible signs of premature aging.
A nutritious protector with rejuvenating qualities, its gentle firming action smoothens and brightens the skin and improves its elasticity. My personal feeling is it is good for moisturizing, still the eye circle is hard to softened, although I understand it wasn’t advertised that way. So, can’t complain.
I would like to use THE CAVIAR COLLECTION from La Prairie, however, they are filthily expensive & they are ‘rich’ in texture too. So I will wait till my 40’s & more established (lol) and try them. At least once, eh, for my column. 🙂

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