beautiful eyes

Melbourne Cup! Oh well, I did invest 20 bucks… bought “so you think” win (wrong), Americain in place (half wrong), Maluckyday in place (right). so I could get 15 bucks back, 5 dollars loss. Not too bad. 🙂

Then I had quite a few drinks, then my eyes started felt blurring staring at laptop, then I decided to go home early (left at 4:30pm)…

My eyes were so dry, I had to quickly take out my contact lens after I got home & put eye-drop in my eyes… now felt a bit better. Last time, I got kinda of infection by wearing contact for so long and eyes got so dry, went to Sydney Eye Hospital and doctor banned me wearing contact for a month… I tried my best after that incidence not overwearing, maybe today got too excite? hehe

I made myself comfortable on the couch, Googled some more ways to moisturize eyes from inside.

You know about Goji berry? Very hot in the market now, they are really good for liver and kidney, great for eyes. You can eat them as is or put into hot water & drink as tea.

Of course, as when I was very young in primary school, teacher led us to do the eyes exercise in between classes.  After I graduated from primary school, never done that again, my eye-sight plummeted.  I think I need to pick it up again from time to time… or the simplest, when eyes feel tired, just close them for a few mins or look out to some greens…

People are too busy these days…or too lazy… maybe both.

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