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Face Wash: Not hard, Not long

Face Wash Routine

I always think that you can wash face for longer for better cleansing result – allowing some time to massage the whole face and relax.  

Today one friend of mine correct me on this myth – wash/massage longer or harder doesn’t mean cleaner face at the end.  It might do more harm than good – you facial skin can become dehydrated and darker.  She gave one example which is quite funny – “Think about it – just like if you wear Jeans everyday,  go everywhere, what will happen? your waist skin color will become darker due to the constant rubbing with the Jeans.”  Hmmm, make sense. 

The correct way of  cleaning face is to apply  cleanser cream on the palm, rub to form, then massage face in circular motion with the middle part of the fingers, less than one  minute and a half.  If the face wash ritual lasts more than 3 minutes, the dirt from pores will go back to skin again.   That’s not something that we really desire. Basically contrary to our objective.

Good night & don’t forget to wash your face properly. Gentle and no longer than 1.5 minute! 😉    

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