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Facekinis – extreme to protect skin from UV rays?

Read the news of Chinese women are wearing facekinis to protect their pale skin.   In Qingdao city, China, the reporters spotted a booming trend that ‘scary of being tanned’ Chinese women are covering their faces with this stretchy mask, all look like robbers of the bank or ‘terrorists’…  The description might be a bit unkind, however, those scenes on beach are beyond our imagaination.    These are called “facekinis”. 

Facekinis Sensation on China Beach

Although not looking pretty,  Chinese women are happy with what “facekini” can achieve – “can talk, breathe, doesn’t in my way of doing anything & mainly is better than applying sunscreen, so I am satisfied.”  One women said in an interview , ” I don’t mind the body got a little bit darker, but I don’t want my face to, that’s ugly.”   I heard you! Yes,  in China, pale skin represents beauty and wealth.  Tanned skin, on the other hand, represent labor work and poverty.  (Although as I read the news,  a small group western-educated young adults like to be tanned, however, that’s a very tiny group. ) 

I agree that using physical way, like umbrella, cover ups are good way to protect UV rather than sunblock lotion. Remember our Chinese friends are not really worry about UV danger for the skin damage, such as skin cancer, they only worry about darker skin.  So for those who expose other parts of the body, I would remind them to apply sun screen lotion to keep the basic UV protection. 

Interesting news & fascinating world. I am happy to be in. 🙂 



One thought on “Facekinis – extreme to protect skin from UV rays?”

  1. HelenJoans says:

    OMG!  This looks like a horror film!  LOL

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