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Facial Yoga 1

Another week! 

Not because I am happy it’s Monday again, only because I learned something new today – Facial Yoga!   Everybody knows what yoga is, but what is facial yoga? 

Facial yoga is an exercise for the facial muscle. If you practise yoga everyday for 10-20 mins, you will keep body flexible and youthful.   The same principle, if you spend 1-2 minutes to exercise facial muscle, you can improve facial blood circulation,  reduce the fine lines and emerging wrinkles, tighten the skin. you will feel so enlightened and happier.

Three lessons all together, not based on quantities, but quality.

Lesson1:  Reduce the crow’s feet 
We know that the skin around eyes are so thin and so easy to get dehydrated. We blink our eyes more than 10000 times a day, so too much work make our eye area very vulnerable. Even younger girls are worried about the crow’s feet.
See how the Facial yoga works.

HOW:  Gently half close your eyes, like trying to avoid sun light outside but with control & not fully closed, for 5 seconds, then slowly open, repeat 3 times.  If you feel the eye lid a bit tired, that means you did right.

Note:  Don’t frown.  This exercise is for the muscle around eyes, not your forehead.

Easy, right? Start practice, just 3 times, 15 seconds, you will feel totally different. 

I will tell you another two lessons in the following days…  now feel the eye lid a bit heavier, maybe I need some exercise. 😉 

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  1. search4beauty2012 says:

    Squinting eyes won’t make the wrinkles worse? … 

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