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Fine Lines Attack

I have been travelling for a few months till now.  From the hot summers to the cold north Europe, spent most days outdoor, I could feel that my skin condition got deteriorated quite badly.

A few signs started worrying me

1) fine lines around my eye area; 2) freckles appearing all over my face; 
3) Skin got drier. 

For the freckles, I normally will say it doesn’t matter that much to me, although this time seems quite obvious if I don’t put much foundation on, comparing to the fine lines, I would rather tackle the latter first. 

The third one might be one of the reasons for no. 1 problem – fine lines.  So the priority is to deal with the fine lines’ attack. 

Moisturizing mask is a wonderful solution if you are time-poor, like me.   Now I am in Germany, some friend told me the facial mask in the supermarket is not only cheap, but good too.  

I bought these mask pack from quite a big super market called “Real” in Berlin, they cost 1 Euro each. But look carefully, each pack has two small packs, so that means each mask only cost 50 cents, quite a bargain. Now just need to see if they really help my skin or not.

Below are the ones I bought from a Bio shop in Munich. Also less than one Euro each.

I will report back for more result to share with you. For sure, I hope they work wonders… 🙂 Getting more excited. But today is too late, I will try maybe tomorrow night or the day after… 🙁 I know, I am procrastinating…


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