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Food for beauty

I can bet with you that  you have applied some veggie or fruit or some sort of food on your body or face as a way of skin care.

Egypt: milk bath
Queen Cleopatra was a famous beauty, she DIY a lot to keep the skin as gorgeous as possible. Her favorite way is to use milk in her bath. So if you want softer and fairer skin, why not pull a few cup of  milk in your bath tub each time?

California: Avocado

Do you know a lot of skin care products have Avocado as the key ingredient?  Including
Avocado in your diet regularly is really beneficial to your skin. Once simple way, you can
mix one avocado pulp with some yogurt and put on face, rinse after 15 mins, here you
go–refreshed skin, feel fantastic!

Italy: Olive Oil
Of course, Italians have used olive oil to cure some skin disease hundreds years ago. You wouldn’t wonder why all the Mediterranean women all have beautiful olive colour skin. Next time before shower, use some olive oil to massage whole body and sea salt to remove dead skin, then you can have the smooth skin as well!

South Africa: Honey
Strong sunlight and dry air are big enemies for the women in South Africa, they are bad for skin and hair. So skin and hair care are unavoidable task in their daily life. One special way to protect hair is to mix 2 spoon of olive oil with one tea spoon of honey and apply on hair, leave it for 30 mins as hair mask, then rinse,  making your hair healthy and shiny!

Amazing eh?! Now I want to drink some honey water before sleep… 🙂

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