After actually only 3-day work, it’s Friday again! I had the good mood for a whole day, even in the afternoon received a few ridiculous emails from co-workers, I still pleasantly responded. Between going out for dinner & take-away watching tennis, i chose the latter. Federer’s game, can’t miss. Thai food, white wine, Federer won with ease… everything seemed so great…Friday joy!
Saw some funny stories and photos from Facebook, I could not stop laughing, oh no. my fine lines around eyes…have to be careful! as you know, habitual facial expressions cause the skin to wrinkle as it looses elasticity. Frown lines between the eyebrows and crows feet radiating from the corners of the eyes develop as the tiny muscles in those areas permanently contract. I used my fingers to press the corner of my eyes, and use my palms to press my whole eye area, seriously, like you iron the shirts…but feel good.
I remembered my aunty told me whenever you touch your face, you need to push up instead of pull down…since the gravity and the hard pulling with fasten the skin loosening process.
Ok, too much to take for a wonderful Friday night… off to bed!
Have a great weekend and Fight Wrinkles! 🙂

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