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Friday, Oprah’s last show, self-realization…

Thank God, It’s Friday! Been such a long week and especially today— a long & tiring day.

Work was not really fun, very far from it! millions of trivial things & complicated relationships push me to the very limit from time to time…

I am happy it is Friday and I can have a weekend to rest & recover.

Watched Oprah’s last show on TV just now & she was so awesome. I didn’t watch all her shows, but every show I watched, I was deeply moved. The stories, the interviews she conducted offered a lot for us to think.

She was elegant in the pink dress, hair nicely done, charming but authoritative voice made you can do nothing but listen to her. She advised everyone to value life and answer God’s calling, do things that one truly loves and contributes to the whole society and the world.  I always talk to myself, yes, although I don’t like this job, it pays my bills, but I am not happy. Everyday I come back home, I feel that I didn’t achieve anything.

Oprah says you can’t rely on the environment to change for you, you can’t rely on others to do things for you; you are the master of your own life. I know it, but when she said that, I felt it.

I need to reconsider my life and live it on my own, I need to free myself from the prison that I set for myself.

Thanks Oprah, I will see you till next time….

Friends, have a great weekend… and take care of yourself.  🙂

One thought on “Friday, Oprah’s last show, self-realization…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    She is great, isn’t she?!  Good luck!

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