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Get Rid of the Scars

If you like me, having a bit of sensitive skin, hence
1)  with acne scars on face
2)  attracted by mosquitoes and like to scratched the bites, consequently with some scars across arms and legs
3)  don’t really grasp the skills of balance, fall a lot, which also lead to some scars (bigger or small)

Then you need to read on about how to get rid of the scars in this post.

Honestly, I do have scars here and there, some are visible since they are easily exposed to the outside world, some can hide under clothes most of the time, which I don’t care that much. 

So how to get rid or at least make the scars look lighter?  Massage is the key.   Massage can boost the blood circulation and help the skin recover. 

1) Use some scar removal cream, apply it with your palm. Three times a day, 5-10 minutes every time. Massage gently and thoroughly, with care, with love, thinking that the scar will be fading soon. This way treats new scar better than old scar.

2) Natural:  Cut the fresh ginger into slices, then rub the ginger slice on the scar, massage for 3-5 mins, then throw away the used slices and put on new ones, continue 3 times.  After a couple of weeks, you could see results. Don’t forget to have a quick shower after rubbing ginger on your face or body, otherwise, you might be a bit smelly! 🙂

If you have other tips of getting rid of the scars, please share with me and all the readers here!  Looking forward to hearing from you! 

One thought on “Get Rid of the Scars”

  1. HelenJoans says:

    a lot of scar removal ointment don’t really work that well… I used a few, only left with disappointment… I may try the ginger thing you mentioned here, sounds a bit odd but don’t mind giving it a go

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