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Great Nail Art!

Rent an apartment near Rome for a few days... and can you believe that I didn’t go out for a whole day just because this apartment looks so nice with two huge windows overlooking the Tiber River– although very polluted, although quite excessive noise from the highway, I still enjoyed the view greatly.

 So, most of the day spent on sipping coffee, munching on snacks  thinking what to cook for dinner as well as browsing the Internet.   Then I saw the nail art from Alice Bartlett and was amazed by them…  The nails are telling stories, green grassland, lovely farmers, lovers, families

Thinking about the charming clothing seen from Christian Dior 2013 ready to wear in Paris fashion week, the below eclectic dress might suit, what do you think?

Christian Dior 2013 RTW

Oh, maybe time for a beauty bath now?!…  🙂   Don’t forget, bath is great time to exfoliate dead skin and give your body a lovely refreshment…

Take care and laterz

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