I am not sure how successful for you gals to convince your men for skin care. I tried quite hard.

Due to my sensitivity for the skin, when I started dating, I always tried to see what condition the guys’ skin are, what products they use (or not at all), what level of receptiveness of them to consider using the products that I prefer… a bit ‘sick’, I know. Just can’t help it.

My bf was very reluctant of using any skin-care products when he first met me & he thought that’s too feminine. Over time, I gradually influenced him of trying bit by bit, now he buys the products himself. He constantly ‘complain’ that I got him ‘hooked’—his skin now used to get moisturized every day. BUT isn’t this a good thing?

I think for men, the most crucial 2 things are cleaning and moisturizing. Since in general, they don’t want to put anything on the face, so the simpler the better, at least from the start.

Today -Sunday, unfortunately raining all the time. So I decided to do some facial treatment on him. He got this ‘strawberry’ nose, a lot of black head. I let him lie down on the sofa, put on some relaxing music, then start cleaning his face, then use my tools trying to squeeze out the nasty thing on his nose. However, as I expected, he could not take the pain. OH man! Eventually, after a few rounds of convincing, refusing, seducing, refusing… I gave up. Just use myDermalogica daily exfoliant, scrub a bit of his face, then put on some thin sliced cucumber for soothing purpose. In the end, I applied my Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask. Done.

He did say his skin felt refreshed after the facial. Thanks God.


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