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Honey + Milk to ease Period Pain

I always have period pain during the first 2 days of my period. Every single time.  And “interestingly”, I always have to walk a long distance or go to some social gathering which make me stand for  continuous hours in these days. 

I just passed my first two days periods for this month and I didn’t feel too bad this time. Because I started drinking warm milk with honey.  That’s my newly found recipe to ease the period pain.  I always drink before sleep, the good part is my body instantly relaxed and easy to fall asleep.  The downside is I have to go to the toilet once during the night.  So my suggestion to you is if you don’t want to get up & break your sweet dream, then don’t drink right before sleep, maybe 1-2 hours before or during the day.

Milk can help ease pain, honey also help ease anxiety.  The combination of these two is such a gold!

So if you have the similar problem as me, don’t bother to go the the pharmacy to get the pills, just go to the kitchen & warm up a glass of milk, add in one teaspoon of honey, drink & you will be smiling.  And don’t forget, this is great for skin too! 🙂


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  1. StephanieWayner says:

    Good stuff! 

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