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How do Japanese women fight against aging?

Happy Friday! YAY!

I would like to share one interesting article that I read today. Beauty is a very very hot topic in Japan, you can see a lot of trend of using certain product or beauty gadgets come from Japan. The women there are proud to be still younger looking when they reach mid-age. Beauty TV programs are everywhere.

Recently one beauty website conducted a research of how normal Japanese women fight against aging, here are top 10 things they listed–
No.1 – MONEY! Doing regular facial, buying cosmetics, doing plastic surgery, buying supplements all need money!

No.2 – Sufficient Sleep. Especially the beauty sleep needs to be assured. No matter how busy you are, try to sleep at least 6 hours if not more.

No.3 –
Falling in love.  This sounds strange, but I guess it makes sense too. There is a saying “the most beautiful girl is the girl in love”.  When you are in love, the brain produces a powerful love hormone, phenylethylamine, better known as PEA. This will help the skin getting tighter with natural glow.
No.4 –
Healthy diet, well this is not arguable
No.5 –
Reduce stress, yes, yes, yes, more smile leads to better mood and better skin
No.6 –
Moderate exercise,  agree too, exercises are crucial for skin condition
No.7 –
Walking in a right way – what is the right way of walking, I think I need to research more on this topic.
No.8 –
collecting beauty info. guess if you are reading this post, you meet this criteria
No.9 –
Time,  more time for yourself, more time to do everything that you want to do to take care of skin…less time meeting all the requests from kids and husband. 

Beauty Pills – That’s the short cut to a lot of problems. 🙂

I would say, a lot of things mentioned above should be practiced in sync, which will lead to better result!  What do you think? Which one

2 thoughts on “How do Japanese women fight against aging?”

  1. SharonTurner says:

    very true.  I have to agree with most of listed stuff. I try not to take any pills, since there will be additives…

  2. StephanieWayner says:

    exercises are important for me, the sweat will make me feel so good

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