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How to Look Great in Photos?

As the social media has changed how people talk about things, distribute things and share things; you realized that your photos (sometimes without your consent, which don’t show the best side of you) will appear ruthlessly on Facebook, Twitter or else. 

To avoid unwanted surprise, it’s better to make ourselves look good for camera whenever the chance exist. Getting makeup right is first and foremost to look great in photos.

Adjust the make up for the lighting
If you have taken certain amount of photos, you would understand lighting is the key.  Natural lighting will keep lipstick, eye shadow and blush looking true to colour, however, it can overstress blemishes and pigmentation of the skin,  it’s recommended to look at the base first.  Sometimes we like to use flash, which might put too much light back onto the skin leaving it too white in photos.  If you try to go from day to night without too much hassle, just add a bit bronzer to the highpoints of the face, the cheekbones, brow bone, would do wonders.

Concentrate on the foundation
If you don’t have oily skin, then wear normal foundation will do.  If you have oily skin and try to wear matte foundation all the time, you skin might look aged and flat.  Try experiment with different textures to come up the best base suits you the best (sit at the sales girl’s desk in the shopping mall and she will be happy to help you as long as you pay for one in the end). 

Concealer is our best friend
Foundation is just the base,  it can never be enough to cover dark circles and imperfections etc.  Invest in some good liquid concealer is smart move.   Remember: your finger is the best makeup applying tool, better than brush,  gently pat the concealer onto the skin before some translucent powder for a more subtle finish.

Be cautious when using anything glittery
Shimmery powders tend to settle into creases in our skin to exaggerate wrinkles & fine lines, oh NO!  If we admit that we are not teens anymore, better choose shimmer-free blush and eye shadow to keep our face clean and younger looking.

Good luck with all your expected and unexpected shots and let me know if you have any tips to share? xoxo

One thought on “How to Look Great in Photos?”

  1. HelenJoans says:

    Great tips! Thanks. The last one especially worked for me – my oily face doesn’t need more glittering! 

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