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In the time of Flood… skin care can’t be ignored

Queensland Flood has been a real disaster, many of my friends, family living in Brisbane have moved out of their houses. Everyone prays for the rain to stop, people stay safe and things get back to normal. I will pray the same thing for them, and may God hear our words and turn things around.

Again, the flood brings a lot of consequences. A number of water or sewer systems have been or will be disrupted, dangerous substances can be released into the water supply, so residence in those area have to be cautious, if possible reserve some clean water at the place you stay and store enough wet towel or similar to wipe face, hands, body. stay clean and sanitised.  Keep the diet simple and light, take multi-vitamins everyday to prevent nutrition shortfall.

I pray and truly believe people in Queensland will go through this very soon and the rest of Australia and the whole world has been providing support and love to you!  We are here together!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    God bless!

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