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Join our competition – Lose the extra kilo and Gain the charming glow!

During Easter holiday, you might have been very generous with yourself with eating… I was.  Now I am trying to press my ever growing appetite a bit to get rid of the extra 2 kilos.
WrinkleMania 12-week weight loss program competition

And great news — we are giving  away 2 vouchers for you to log on to online 12-week Weight loss program!  See the competition detail here.

This online weight loss program uses calorie counters to make sure you eat the right foods and do enough exercise to reduce your weight. That’s the only things we need when we want to lose weight. Exercise helps us to maintain healthy body, lung and heart. It also offers the benefit that we all desire – the improved appearance of our skin.

But remember, we need to do some skin care routine before and after the exercise sessions.  The reasons are  – exercise will make our body’s processes to speed up.  The heart beats faster, you breathe heavier, which results in increased blood pressure. Exercise causes body to sweat, hence detoxifying the skin through lost sodium and impurities.  Exercise also reduces stress hormones, this can reduce the amount of inflammation that can cause breakouts to occur. Oh Yay!

Exercise facilitates body’s circulatory system to bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin. The increased blood flow increases cell renewal. Yoga and Pilate these stress relieving exercises, help reduce the incidence of lines in the face because muscles are being used.

In order to maximize the positive skin results from exercise, it’s a good idea to wash your face before exercising. This can remove any excess makeup that can clog the pores while you exercise. Exercises that are best at boosting circulation include running, dancing or jumping rope. Cleanse your skin after workout in order to eliminate oil and sweat that is produced during your exercise session.

And… If you choose to exercise outside,  don’t forget to put on Sunscreen, otherwise, it doesn’t really help our skin!

Join our competition now! It’s that Easy! – Just fill a simple form and let your friends to sign up too. The more friends you sign up, the better chance to win. If you have 50 friends to sign up, you might win another gift from us! 🙂

Click here to join!

3 thoughts on “Join our competition – Lose the extra kilo and Gain the charming glow!”

  1. Zoi000 says:

    Awesome news! cheers!

  2. stella says:

    thanks for organizing the competition, it’s great! hopefully I can win! 🙂

  3. SharonTurner says:

    Just joined! 🙂

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