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Keep Fatigue Away in the Office

Most of us spent at least 5 days, 40 hours all together in the office every week.  Being tired is the last thing we want – looking tired doesn’t make you feel that you are at your best, and your boss won’t think that you worked too much, they might think something negative like you are not efficient enough to keep the working hour shorter. Uhhhh!

Anyway,  I found a few ways to keep away the fatigue in the office, hope can help you too —

1. Keep Legs  parallel with the floor.  Don’t always cross your legs, it’s a really bad habit. ( I know its’ easier said than done, but be aware of it first).  When sitting, keep legs parallel with the floor can reduce the pressure on muscles and bones.  If your chair has back, put a cushion around your waist area.  Keep your head and back align, not crunched, elbow closer to the body, about 90-120 degrees.  This way you will feel comfortable even sitting for longer time.

2. Move from time to time.  Although we found a nice way to sit, but the body can actually bear one pose for about 20 mins according to some research.  So stand up every 20,30 minutes and change your position a bit. 

3. Reduce the repetitive movement.  We heard a lot of stories about designers /IT programmers who use mouse all day always have finger problems, that’s because of they are repeating the same action over and over. So if we can rest our fingers from time to time or change hands would do much help. 

4. Keep a good distance with screen.  Try to keep about 50cm from computer screen. The screen should be a bit lower than the level of eyes.   

5. Always blink. To avoid eyes being dry and sore, we should change the focus from time to time. Hence stand up and walk to the window to look out and blink for 10 seconds, all help to keep eyes hydrated.  

6. Keep the keyboard and other office equipment clean.  Do you know that our keyboard and phone are actually very very dirty? They have heaps of virus on them – Maybe even more than the toilet! YUCk! If we sit around and use them all the time,  will for sure affect our health.  Use some wet tissue to wipe them NOW!

7. Tidy your desk.  Same as your home, too much things scattering around will make you easy to get annoyed and throw tendrum. 

8. Breathing exercise.  We can use some Yoga breathing to help release the pressure.  Breathe into the tummy, hold for 3 seconds, then breathe out. Repeat a few times, you will feel much better, less tired. 

9. Put some family photos around.   Family’s photo, friend’s photo, a plant, favorite poster, paintings, whatever can relax you and make you feel better.

Try and let me know if these work for you.  And share with us your tips of keeping ‘fresh and alive’ in the office, ok? 🙂 

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