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Keep hands looking younger…

It has been a crap weather today. Raining, raining and raining. After a few hours’ shopping spree, the best time in this weather is to rent the DVD and stay at home enjoy the movie.

Today we watched “”Being John Melkovich”, very original dark comedy, quite different, but funny.

At one scene, my boyfriend commented on actor Catherine keener (casting as Maxine in the movie)— “her hands look old” although her face look young (that’s how i read between the lines). Later I did research, she was 40 when she was playing in that movie, she did look younger-like just over 30.

I got a bit sensitive, seriously, men are looking, sometimes they just don’t say anything.

Then I gazed down at my own hands, don’t look young either– who can I complain to? I have been relatively think for most of my life, and very thin skin as well. so from my hands, you can clearly see the veins. Not pretty. And I believe I have done too much houseworks, there are many lines on my hands.

Really need to pay more attention on my hands—

OK, here are some ways to get going:

Hand massage:
1. use the body scrub or face scrub to massage the hand
2. apply moderate cream and massage, especially to the joint place which is easy to get dry
3. to relax – massage fingers from bottom to the tip. one by one.

and yes, try to put on hand cream every time after you wash hands.

Good luck to us all!:)

*BTW, the movie is good to watch — Craig, a puppeteer, takes a filing job in a low-ceilinged office in Manhattan. Although married to the slightly askew Lotte, he hits on a colleague, the sexually frank Maxine. She’s bored but snaps awake when he finds a portal leading inside John Malkovich: for 15 minutes you see, hear, and feel whatever JM is doing, then you fall out by the New Jersey Turnpike. Maxine makes it commercial, selling trips for $200; also, she’s more interested in Lotte than in Craig, but only when Lotte is inside JM. JM finds out what’s going on and tries to stop it, but Craig sees the portal as his road to Maxine and to success as a puppeteer. Meanwhile, Lotte discovers others interested in the portal……

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