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La Mer and La Prairie

I was in David Jones. I wanted to buy the cleanser since mine old one was running out. Then I walked around all the counters, trying to find out which brand is on discount and which sales is better than others… here I talked with my boyfriend about La prairie Caviar creams…then came with the sales lady asking if she can help. I laughed “just trying to educate my bf about the product, haha”, she led me to see some product pack on sales. I have to give her credit on this, she made it really natural.

Oh well, then I went into a dilemma of choosing between two gift packs: one is cleanser(full size) + eye cream(full size)+ night cream(15ml), the other is the cleanser (half size)+serum(full size) + night cream(5ml)+ eye cream (5ml)+ perfume (5ml). the latter is slightly expensive, but more value for money.  So hard to decide, I looked around, trying to see if there might be other counters providing better stuff, of course, the counter just beside is “La Mer”.  The sales lady seemed can read my mind, she started telling me how La Mer never went on sales,  “oh never?” I tried to dig out my memory, “right, i have never seen it on sale”. “Right” She said “because Estee Lauder is on sales, they are the same company, just different brand, so La Mer has no need to be put on sale”.  “Really?” I asked “gosh, I didn’t know that they are the same company, as a matter of fact, I thought La Mer is a French company.”   “Oh, NO, it’s the US company…” then she went on with the story of how La Mer was created and bought by Estee Lauder 15 years ago, but La Prairie is an authentic Switzerland company with more than 60 years history.

Although I totally understood that she worked for La Prairie and it was an ethical thing to do that, however, I was impressed to get the knowledge. Just like some time ago, I just realized that HargenDaz is an American company too.

Anyway, in the end I bought the cleanser full size pack, since I do need it.

The shopping provided me some food for thought…which is great. 🙂 I enjoyed it.
Happy Christmas, boxing day, end of year, or new year shopping!!!

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