I love food. I really love food. Hence if there is any way that I can have delicious food as well as good for skin, I will be the first to take it.
Do you like carrots and beef? If the answer is “yes”, here is a perfect recipe for you to get started:
Name: Carrots Beef
Benefit: Boosting blood circulation, good for eyes, full of anti-oxygen for anti-aging purpose
Carrots 200g
Beef tendon 200g
Red date 8 pieces
Ginger 2 pieces
Water 1500 ml
Cooking wine and salt moderate
Preparation & cooking:
1. Clean the beef tendon & cut into rectangular blocks
2. Clean the carrots & cut into blocks
3. Boil the water then put cut tendon in for 1 min then take them out, side aside for later use
4. Boil another pot of water, then put in beef tendon, carrots, red dates and ginger, turn the heat to middle volume for 1.5 hour. Add in cooking wine and salt, and it’s done!
It is fairly easy dish, as you can tell, does need a bit longer time, but the real operation time is really nothing. While are watching a DVD, the tasty carrots beef tendon is done, easy! and delicious! and good for your skin!
Fight the wrinkles! 🙂

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