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Massage at home with essential oils for a better mood, relaxed skin

Earth day today. Protect the environment.

I am having my period and got a bit moody… to prevent argument with fiance, I decided to give myself some massage to let my bad mood disappear. To be in Control. Whenever you feel anxious, heated, nervous, you can always rely on essential oil for help – to ease the mood and the related skin problems, such as break out, redness, etc.

What I like most are three essential oils: Lemon, Grapefruit and lavender.

Lemon & grapefruit are both belong to citrus group, they are great for antiflamation and whitening, helping ease the execss oil which is a foundation probelm for acne. Lavendar, as we all know, is great for soothing, but it can also boosting skincell’s regeneration, great for the acne scar or mark. Chamomile oil has similar benefit with Lavernda in terms of soothing the mood, I am going to use it today, smells divine.

The way I am going to apply is as:

Cover face with palm, push upwards, helping skin to absorb the oil

STEP2:fingers touch the corners of the mouth, stroke upwards

STEP3:cover the cheeks with palm, stroke outwards to tighten the skin

STEP4:massage earlobe gently to relax

STEP5:fingers on temples point, massage from the center of the forehead outwards

Repeat a few times.

I felt really great after the mini massage, got myself a cup of tea, then relax and read some book. A wonderful afternoon is ahead of me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Massage at home with essential oils for a better mood, relaxed skin”

  1. SharonTurner says:

    thanks for the demo, very clear… I love essential oil too, soothing and smell so good. sometimes when I have tummy pain, I also use them to massage, quite effective, amazing stuff. cheers

  2. StephanieWayner says:

    thanks for the illustration. helps a lot

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