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Massage with serum for better complexion

I have been traveling for the past 2 months & living in Taipei.  It’s a city with a lot of beautiful women and all of them are conscious about how they look.  You can see a lot of beauty products’ advertisement on TV & in the shops displayed beauty drinks which are claimed to keep your youth (I am still a bit skeptical for that).

Massage Regularly … good for complexion

Anyway, I did learn something while reading some beauty/fashion magazines about skin care.  Here, for the Friday evening, why don’t we do a great massage to relax our skin, relax our mind for a big night sleep!
To detox and get a better complexion, it is recommended to massage with serum, depends on your skin condition, you can do once a week or twice a week – after a few times, you will see the result.
Just follow —
1. Massage the serum in your palm to heat up a bit for better result. 2.  Massage gently with the front part of your fingers, from chin, side of nose, center of forehead to ear.  3. Detox move – press the back of ear, then massage along the neck to the collarbone. 4. Use your Knuckles to massage from jaw up to chin.

Massage with Serum for a better Complexion

I spent 30 minutes to put this slide show together, hope all my readers find it helpful! 🙂 

Good night and have a sweet dream! 

One thought on “Massage with serum for better complexion”

  1. EliseWarron says:

    Great post! I will start massaging my face more. 

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