I had a bad day today, a lot of things gone to the direction which was not according to my will. And I was shouting to my boyfriend with every little thing he said. I felt I was like a bitch & I was shocked by shouting action but I could not control. Maybe it’s PMS?
Anyway, I didn’t want to speak to anyone and just wanted to remain silent and read books. After a while, a thought came to my mind—I should not be like this, one thing it is not God’s will, the other thing is negative emotion will affect how your skin & complexion, even health. Dahhh! Who don’t know this? So we have to practise, I guess.
Jumped on Google to confirm my understanding. Yes, low spirit can affect appetite, which will cause stomach muscle contraction and interfere one’s digestion. If you have been in this kind situation, it will be easier to get malnutrition, the worst thing— your skin will be lack of ‘nourishment’ as well, then the wrinkles might appear. On the contrary, if you are always with happy mood, full of sunshine, laugh loud, be generous, your skin will be glowing too. Some lady about 50 years old but still very youthful recommended a few tips:
1. Don’t be so critical about things, if you are upset, try to get rid of it in 30 seconds. Listen to music, let it go.
2. Be simple, happy, natural, love others.
3. Good sleep, moderate sports, good attitude.
Be happy and fight the wrinkles!
Great weekend everyone! Woohoo!

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