This 2nd pregnancy, my sickness was more severe than the 1st time.  So I was thinking it must be a girl again, although I really hoped it might be a boy.  I was throwing up at least 3 times a day, not knowing what to eat, really. As there was absolutely no taste in my mouth, however I knew I had to eat and I did, then just depends on luck if I am going to puke later or not.

Another thing, after 2 months into pregnancy, one day I looked carefully of myself in the mirror and I realized that a lot of my lines started showing up, much clearer than before.  For example, lines on my forehead, smiling lines and neck lines.  I felt a bit desperated, seriously, I bet you can understand my feeling, right?

Maybe I need to put some collagen in my body, I talked to myself.  I did use some collagen products before, I mean, long time ago, when I was 30.  Imedeen, FANCL… but I didn’t feel much result.  I also need to find something that I could take during pregnancy.  Immediately I thought about Melaleuca, from which brands I bought quite a lot products when I lived in China last year. But I thought heard about some rumors that since it add some collagen from pigs, it is easier to get fat.  I started searching online,  then I found out there was a new product called “Elastagen”, it was co-developed by China and Japan, the most crazy anti-aging countries in the world these days. And I read about the ingredients of the product, all from deep-sea fish or fruits, classified as food, not supplement; which is quite unusual, which means safe – to everybody, including pregnant women or breastfeeding women.  I was a bit thrilled, since it is great for breast tissue supporting, I won’t need to worry about breast sagging and shrinking as last time when I suddenly stopped pumping my milk, which was a real tragedy. lol

So i talked to the seller girl, and ordered a case to deliver to me.   Started dreaming how my skin will be improved, I could not stop smiling.

anti aging powder

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