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New Way to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles!

So happy! Today I discovered a few new ways to get rid of dark eye circles… Simple & Effective!

A. Sugar off the darkness
You need: some brown sugar, handkerchief
1) Put moderate amount of brown sugar in a pan, low heat to warm
2) When the smoke comes out, put the brown sugar in the handkerchief (be careful not to burn yourself)
3) When you feel the temperature is alright for skin, use the handkerchief to compress around the eye area.
4) Feel better & Look better!

B. Apple way
Choose a couple of juicy apple slices, put on top of your closed eyes, rest for 10-15 mins, your dark circles will disappear.  

C. Hot towel
As we know, a lot of time the cause of dark eye circles is inefficiency of rest which would lead to bad blood circulation. So one easy way is to after wake up, use the hot tower (similar tempreture to your body – around 37℃ to 38℃) for 10 mins, if you have time, do it again for better result.

Let me know if you have any other tips in order to get rid of dark eye circles! Will be so glad to hear from you! 🙂  

One thought on “New Way to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles!”

  1. cholew says:

    IT worked! The apply worked!  Thanks so much for the tips… I like this blog very much, so down to earth. Keep it up!  Cheers

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