Just saw an ad. on TV, an mid age guy was talking about “don’t miss breakfast and Sizzler has great Sunday breakfast option…”. Although it’s a normal commercial, the message delivered is totally true. Breakfast is the key meal of the day, providing energy to the body, like the fuel in the morning. Skipping breakfast will make your brain slow and you won’t feel energetic throughout the day. People eat breakfast are slimmer too…

I never skipped breakfast, and I start looking forward to my breakfast before going to bed. Understand how important it is, I also try to make my brekkie colourful and tasty. There are a couple of my regular brekkie for your reference, I would like to know yours as well. 😉

Here we go—

1.    Yogurt with muesli
Normal Yogurt (full cream, honestly I never voted fat free or 50% fat since I don’t feel the fat in the milk product would hurt), 100g, some milk or soy milk, muesli 20g,  nuts (up to your taste, I use walnut, almond), fresh or dried fruit (for example, strawberry, banana or kiwifruit), to add some excitement, I normally put in one piece of dark chocolate. Very tasty!

2.    Fried shredded wraps

Wholegrain wraps, 2 pieces, shredded to about 1cm x 4cm stripes, two eggs, some green veggie, some dried tofu (chopped). Heat 2 tea spoons of olive oil in a pan, then fry eggs, then wraps, veggie and tofu, stir about 2 mins, it’s done! My bf likes it so much, these days, this one tops on his 10 favorite-dish list.  🙂

One thought on “No skipping brekkie”

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