good nutrition

I have been coughing for a while, not related to cold or flu, just dry cough. It is annoying… as I was also having my period, can feel that my immune system was screaming for help. This weekend, I tried to keep warm, take ONLY healthy food and plenty of supplement. Not being superstitious, but I do feel better now. As I read the book about ”Younger You“, the author emphasizes nutrients can boost your immune system which make you younger. Supplements aside, we need to make sure the key foundation — every meal we put into our body are as healthy as possible. If every meal is too difficult, at least make sure 2 or 3 good food choice are included every day.

So, Rainbow foods—a diet of vitamin-rich, low-fat foods combined with whole grains is an excellent treatment tool for fighting inflammatory disease and immune deficiencies. such as salmon, broccoli, almonds, strawberries, are on the top list for the healthy food. Also, many herbs, spices are excellent for this purpose: Basil, chili peppers, ginger, garlic, onions, rosemary, thyme, turmeric.

Eat healthy & colorful food, enjoy healthy & colorful life!

Fight the wrinkles! Stay young!

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