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Overeat – a Great Enemy for Youthful Skin

I have been on a trip for a few months, last 40 days staying in different hotels in Thailand gave me a lot of opportunities to devour tons of food.  We had buffet breakfast every morning, sometimes we also chose to eat the buffet dinner.  Honestly, I did eat more than I needed & sometimes felt not too good.

Today when I chatted with my sister, she warned me that not to overeat all the time, otherwise the skin won’t be happy, and for women easy to appear older soon. 

1. Brain Metabolism Disorder

Always overeating will boost the growth factor of the basic fibroblast & accumulate in the brain,which may lead to cerebral arteriosclerosis.  If overeating happens too often, the brain will suffer greatly, even develop Brain atrophy. 

2. Toxic accumulation 

When you eat too much, a lot of food could not be digested timely, then becoming toxic metabolite, which will affect nerve system.   This will lower the EQ.

3. Overload for intestinal

The obvious problem for overeating is the load for the digestion system, the leftover food get rotten and affect intestines.  Over time, the digestion system will malfunction. 

Of course, if you have intestinal problem,  means you inner environment got worse, which shows at external skin ‘s problem too.  Of course, overeating is also not friendly if you are going through weight loss process either.

I got a bit worried after the chat with sister, promised to myself try not to go too wild with buffet ever again.  What do you think about overeating?   Any tips that can hold your appetite effectively?

One thought on “Overeat – a Great Enemy for Youthful Skin”

  1. cholew says:

    Absolutely, I also need someone to be my ‘gate keeper’ when I sit down in the buffet… lol

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