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Result of Aloe Vera+ Yogurt Mask

I tried this Aloe Vera + Yogurt mask which bought from ‘dm’ in Germany. (BTW, I love ‘dm’, it has sooooo many skin care & personal care products and very cheap too. ) I hope that I can buy a suitcase of stuff, however, I

Result of the first mask trial that I bought in Germany

I tried this Luvos mask the other night – The text on the pack means – Natural cosmetics with healing earth moisture mask; this is what I got from Goggle translation, anyway I did got the idea it was for moisturizing when I bought it, the hint is the water

Fine Lines Attack

I have been travelling for a few months till now.  From the hot summers to the cold north Europe, spent most days outdoor, I could feel that my skin condition got deteriorated quite badly. A few signs started worrying me — 1) fine lines around my

Keep Fatigue Away in the Office

Most of us spent at least 5 days, 40 hours all together in the office every week.  Being tired is the last thing we want – looking tired doesn’t make you feel that you are at your best, and your boss won’t think that you worked too

Get Rid of the Scars

If you like me, having a bit of sensitive skin, hence 1)  with acne scars on face2)  attracted by mosquitoes and like to scratched the bites, consequently with some scars across arms and legs3)  don’t really grasp the skills of balance, fall a lot, which also lead to some

Facekinis – extreme to protect skin from UV rays?

Read the news of Chinese women are wearing facekinis to protect their pale skin.   In Qingdao city, China, the reporters spotted a booming trend that ‘scary of being tanned’ Chinese women are covering their faces with this stretchy mask, all look like robbers of the bank

How to Look Great in Photos?

As the social media has changed how people talk about things, distribute things and share things; you realized that your photos (sometimes without your consent, which don’t show the best side of you) will appear ruthlessly on Facebook, Twitter or else.  To avoid unwanted surprise,

The Cheapest Way to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Like what we see in the beauty salon, using steam or hot towel to open up our pores, which will be easy to take out the debris built up in our skin.  On the other side, using the cold towel will help to shrink pores,

Watching Olympics vs. Skin Care & Health

As sports lovers, many of us will spend hours sitting on the sofa watching 2012 London Olympic games these two weeks.  Due to the time difference, a lot of people will stay overnight to watch games.  I did a few times, then the next day

Overeat – a Great Enemy for Youthful Skin

I have been on a trip for a few months, last 40 days staying in different hotels in Thailand gave me a lot of opportunities to devour tons of food.  We had buffet breakfast every morning, sometimes we also chose to eat the buffet dinner.