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Potato + Honey = Face Slimming Mask

I gained 3.5 kg!!!  

Been in Europe for almost 3 months. Every day, I ate a lot pastries, visited so many bakeries and chocolate while sitting in the car for longer time…  I have to say all the food was not wasted, now looking at the scale,  I am speechless.

Measured my weight on the scale in Central Market in Valencia, Spain…

I can feel the ‘gain’.   Not enough exercise to help consume the extra calories,  I feel a bit heavy and especially my face a bit bloated, not looking ridiculous, but a bit out of proportion. 

 Today while I was browsing the magical internet, I found one home made mask recipe, which is claimed to have great slimming result. 

Ingredient:  Potato + honey
1) Boil 2 small potato to soft, then mesh the potato, cool it down to the temperature good to put on your skin
2) mix with good amount of honey,  then apply on the face
3) Rinse after 15 minutes

Sounds not too complicated, you can do it while travelling too.  I didn’t have enough potatoes with me today,  so I will wait till I arrived at Barcelona, then give it a go. Will definitely report back for the result. 

If you try it before me, please share your experience with me and all the readers here. 🙂

Take care & laterz

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