pregnant woman

To be honest, I have been thinking about having the 2nd baby since the 1st baby was born.

As I was at older age to give birth in general and I would like to have more than just one kid, to keep themselves entertained and life-long companion, so to speak. However, due to our constant moving around and probably subsequent anxious mood swings, as well as we didn’t really try seriously.

So after 40 years birthday,  I kinda of thought that probably I won’t be pregnant anymore. After a long trip overseas, I came back home and for one second, I was thinking of using the ovulation test this time. And I did use a couple of times before, however I didn’t follow the instruction properly as I always delayed the date to start testing, not immediately after the period as the instruction. This time I did use a few days earlier than I did before, and it was showing positive sign. Then I just asked my hubby to do the homework. 🙂   And 2 weeks later. we found out that we were pregnant.

Oh well, the emotion turmoil was quite high and actually mixed…… I was happy but also a bit nervous, panic, not sure how i am going to handle it…

but this is the gift from God, right? I welcome her with arms wide open and lots of love.

baby ultrasound

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