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Put on Sunscreen before you go out…

Australia Sun is strong & getting stronger, thanks to global warming. Government skin cancer education ad. has been non-stop on our TV.  We are told to wear protective clothing and hat when going out… but how about going to the beach for a swim? You need a good sunscreen or sunblock to help you.

What is SPF?
SPF stands for Sunscreen protection factor or protective factor from the sun. We normally see the products with a number on, such as SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF50, etc. SPF levels determine the safe time for your skin exposed to sunlight. For example a sunscreen with an SPF15 means your skin will be protected for 15 times longer than the natural resistance of your skin. If you usually experience skin redness after 10 minutes, when you put on SPF30 sunscreen, your skin is safe for 30×10 minutes, which is 300 minutes. SPF numbers are available from 2 to 60. But it does not mean the higher the SPF number will work according to a multiple of that number. SPF 50 just gives more protection around 1% to 2% compared to SPF 30.

How to choose an effective Sunscreen?

  • Use a cosmetic or sunscreen with SPF15 or more if you will move outside and exposed to direct sunlight. IF you have fairer skin color, you might want to use SPF30 or above. Choose a sunscreen that provides protection against various kinds of radiation, including UV-A and UV-B radiation.
  • Choose a waterproof sunscreen (waterproof) and sweat resistant (sweatproof). Otherwise, sunscreen can be easily removed by sweat or water while swimming.
  • There are various forms of sunscreen. If you have oily skin sunscreen gel is more suitable for you. Whereas if you have dry skin so use sunscreen cream.
  • Apply the sunscreen with a thick cream 20 minutes before your outdoor activities. Let the sunscreen absorbs and ready to work for 20 minutes you could be the new outdoor activities. Then apply again after 20 minutes exposure to sunlight. Then apply sunscreen every two hours especially if you are swimming or sweating. Sunscreen with waterproof labels should be used again every 40 minutes. Don’t forget to cover your nose!
  • Do not forget to always check expire date of your sunscreen or sunblock lotion. Because sometimes you tend to keep sunscreen for more than a couple of years.

OK, before you go out, put on your sunscreen! Don’t forget.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Put on Sunscreen before you go out…”

  1. HelenW1 says:

    One of my friend is like the sun-phobia, applying sunscreen every 30 mins. even in the day of overcast… good to remind people from time to time, because we tend to forget… if there is an iphone app reminder would be gr8t…lol

    1. dean_l says:

      i think we should be sun-phobic. nothing good in a tan.
      love idea of iphone app to remind you on sunscreen. maybe it should check weather in your city and then pop-up with reminder if it’s sunny?

      1. HelenW1 says:

         hehe, that’s a great idea. maybe the government should lead the project!

        1. dean_l says:

          That a good one Helen. Enjoy your day and stay in the shadow 🙂

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