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Put on the best side of you – Mother’s day Makeup

Mother’s day is Sunday, can you believe it?  All media have started bombarding a month ago,  but suddenly felt it’s so close now.

Have you made any plans to celebrate this special day with your mum? What gift are you going to surprise her?  I don’t live together with my mum – I mean at the moment we live in different countries, I will give her a call and ask my sister to send her some gifts for me.

If you are lucky to be close to your mum and can spend that day with her, congrats! You should put on a nice make up – maybe give her a make up too. Not too heavy, just fresh and lovely makeup, have a nice afternoon tea, talk some jokes, flip some photo books.  How wonderful!

Mother’s Day Make Up

Have an amazing Mother’s Day! And have lots lots lots of fun!

One thought on “Put on the best side of you – Mother’s day Makeup”

  1. EliseWarron says:

    Great photos… very clear! thanks

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