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Put Strawberry & Lemon into Great Use – on Face!

Apart from the good & cheap facial mask I found from dm in Germany and other European countries,  I also tried to find good “recipe”, not for cooking meals, but for cooking some great home-made solution to clean or moisturize face. After checking daily candy today, I am glad to introduce this simple and effective recipe to you, my readers.  Le’t’s work together for the youthful skin.

Love to eat strawberry and drink strawberry smoothie?  Find out now the beauty effect for the facial mask of Strawberry Lemon Peel!  To make sure the result,  know that you are not allergic or anything to strawberries.


1 face sponge 
6 wild strawberries 
1 liter sparkling water
about 170g plain, natural yogurt
¼ of a lemon

1) Stand in a sunny window for 30 seconds to warm the skin. I think you can also use a warm towel to cover skin for 15 seconds.
2) Crush strawberries gently onto face sponge and massage into the face for 30 seconds – this can be treated as the microdermabrasion process which is very popular these days (to defoliate).  Then rinse liberally with sparkling water (sounds a bit wasteful, but no worries, you are not doing this every day).
3.  Now mix the yogurt and lemon juice and apply a thick layer on face for 5 minutes (this is fruit acid peel).  Then rinse with warm tap water until clean.
4. Apply a gentle moisturizer – normal skin care process.
5. Enjoy your refreshed face! 🙂  

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