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Quick mask & skin care for him

You don’t want to forget about his skin while taking care of yours.  But he is not cooperative.  Sounds familiar?  What they always say

– “I am man! I can’t be like you spending hours in that bathroom!…”

– “No way, I need to think about work, not cosmetic..”

– “I would rather playing ‘Halo’ with mates!…”

Rather than forcing him and getting all these resistance, we need to change our tactic —  convince him it’s quick and pain-free, and do the skin care ‘ritual’ together with him while watching movie, maybe he will change his mind little by little.

Ok, here are some great QUICK mask & skincare tips that you use straight away —

1. Fruits

Banana – rich in Vitamin A, can nourish skin, can reduce the redness. Good for sensitive skin or after sun tan;
Strawberry – expert on nourishing and cleansing. Good for men who always burn the night oil;
Watermelon – rich in Vitamin A, B and C, nourishing and nutritious, has whitening effect.  Good for dry skin.

What you need to do is to simply crushing the fruit and apply on the face. after 10-20min, rinse it off,  EASY!  you can also mix it with moderate amount of honey, milk or yogurt (1-2 teaspoon), rinse it after 10-20 minutes.

2. Steal skincare products from girlfriend or wife

This sounds even easier. However, since a lot of female cosmetics contain hormone, which might affect male’s endocrine system,  so you need to make sure you target on hormone-free products.

Such as Olive Oil (for skin care, not the one in the kitchen) – olive oil is such a treasure. it contain lots of Vitamins and almost can apply every part of your body, and hair too.  you can just take a few drops on palm, then rub & warm your hands then apply to your face and body.  Only a few seconds, then it’s done!

3. Men products
A lot of companies have realized the importance of male skin care category and spent heaps of money & efforts on R&D.  Hence guys, these days almost all major brands have Men products.  My fiance has been using ClarinsMen Line-Control Eye Balm for 2 years and he likes it  (you can’t imagine what a fight we had when we first purchased it in David Jones, the sales lady must had a huge laugh), good that Now you can buy anything online. 🙂  They also have Super Moisture Gel in the same series, but I think it’s quite expansive for HIM as a guy (sorry to be harsh on him), so I lured him to Coles, bought Q10 Plus ANTI-WRINKLE Night Cream instead.  Coenzyme Q10 is new gold!  So if you need a quick mask, find something with coenzyme Q10, it will play magic on him!

Hope you and do magic too! 🙂   Ardios!


2 thoughts on “Quick mask & skin care for him”

  1. HelenW1 says:

    didn’t expect something easy like this… great to know… 

  2. dean_l says:

    Fruit and honey mask – GREAT advice. i love idea. but … can i eat it after? 😉

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