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Quickest way to exfoliate your lips

Weather is getting dry.
My lips started suffering too. 
When you wear lipstick or lip gloss, which is easier to get dust attached, making lips even drier. So constant care is necessary! 🙂
No worries, easy way to get rid of the dead skin on lips and get them back to normal.

Exfoliate Lips

Step1: Remove the lipstick and lip gloss
Step2: Apply a thick layer of lip balm.  I used Bert’s bees, you can get it from any pharmacy or you can use your own brand.
Step3: Wait for 2 minutes, relax or take a small nap!
Step4: Remove the excess lip balm with tissue paper
Ta-da! Done! Now you  will feel the lips so soft with beautiful rosy color…

Very easy, right?  If you have any lips care tips, please share with me and all our readers. 🙂

One thought on “Quickest way to exfoliate your lips”

  1. EliseWarron says:

    it’s seem more redish…:)

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