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Record how you age with iphone app…

Grab the MX newspaper before jumping on the train back home. In the “What in the weird” section, I read this news— ‘iphone app for the age’, basically it takes a picture of your face daily to chart the ravages of time… what’s good about it? “Whether you have eye bags or are red-faced from the gym, the app will prompt you to take a pic at a designated time for an album of you ageing. After months or years, you can turn the photo into a film or post them on the net”… OMG, I don’t know why I want to do that?

I thought the Age app might be something to help you test the skin condition, and provide tips… although not as scientific as the machine in the beauty salon, however, from a lot of data, such app is not impossible. But this one, recording how you aged…hmmm, I am not too sure… but it’s a starting point for people to think about how to provide better skin care app for beauty conscious ladies and gentlemen…

Oh well, so that’s why it is in the “weird” section…


One thought on “Record how you age with iphone app…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember seeing this too… it’s a bit dumb lol

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