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Result of Aloe Vera+ Yogurt Mask

I tried this Aloe Vera + Yogurt mask which bought from ‘dm’ in Germany. (BTW, I love ‘dm’, it has sooooo many skin care & personal care products and very cheap too. ) I hope that I can buy a suitcase of stuff, however, I could not due to my already full luggage.

Anyway,   those texts on the pack means – Moisturizing mask with Aloe vera + Yogurt, for gentle and elastic skin. Sounds great, right?  

It is also kinda of clay musk, gentle texture, creamy greenish color, like light color mint icecream, haha.

 Smell really nice, very refreshing.  

The feeling on skin was also refreshing.  I kept it on for about 18 minutes, then washed it off.  I like how the skin felt after, quite soft with some light fragrance.    

Yes, I do like this one.  The problem is I only bought 2 pack (4 times use)… hopefully later we can pass Germany again and buy more.  Actually, ‘dm’ has shops in many European countries, but seems like in Germany the prices are the lowest. Lucky German ladies!

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