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Result of the first mask trial that I bought in Germany

I tried this Luvos mask the other night – The text on the pack means – Natural cosmetics with healing earth moisture mask; this is what I got from Goggle translation, anyway I did got the idea it was for moisturizing when I bought it, the hint is the water on the packaging. 🙂

It was kinda of clay musk, very nice texture, pinky orangy color, a bit like the red grapefruit. Not bad color.

The smell was nice.

I washed it off after 20 minutes, to be honest, I didn’t feel too much difference afterwards. There might be two reasons:
1) the mask is not too good
2) my skin has been needing treatment for a long time, one mask doesn’t solve the problem.

So I decided not to sentence its death and give it another go after a few days. 

Will report back then, until then, good night.  ( don’t drink too much water before sleep, which worsened the dark eye circle).

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