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Sand, wind, skin…

Today was a day full of action!

Went to Port Stephens– Anna bay for a 3 hour 4WDing on the Stockton Sand Dunes, it was beautiful! And the sand board for a couple of rounds, beat my boy friend… haha

However, the sand was everywhere, yes, everywhere! in the car, on my face, arms, legs, hair, ears, even mouth…

I looked at my face in the mirror and realized that the fine lines around my eyes were so obvious! “AHHHHHHHHH, the wrinkles came out!” and a few small pimples appearing on my forehead. “And pimples!” I screamed, my bf stared at me with strange look. “It’s ok, not a big deal!” he said, “How can you say that!!!” I was not totally happy about his response.

When we got back to the hotel in Newcastle, I hurried to take a shower, washing off all the sand on me. Most important, use makeup remover & cleanser & microfoliant to thoroughly clean my face, put on mask, rinse, then moisturizer. Now I feel much better. Drank almost full bottle of water. In the days like this, or windy days, water is more crucial than ever.   Carrots are good for dry skin too, but I don’t have any now. Will go back home and have some tomorrow. 🙂

Good night. One day to the New Year! yeah!

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