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Skin care around the time of your period








We get it once a month.  We feel the pain.  We cant’ go to swim… OK, you got it, it’s our period.  We never really liked our period apart from the reproduction reason. But,  you know what?  Period is a great time for you to boost the skin condition.

Maybe you think I am dreaming here,  no I am not. From my experience and observation, we do have worse skin condition before the period, such as I will get bigger pores, regular breakout, and more oily in my T-zone,  skin get more sensitive especially when you start PMSing, more susceptible to irritation.  IF we follow the right procedure, you will

Phase one: a couple of days before Period

Skin condition: 1. sebaceous gland becomes active and secretes more oil
2. the complexion downwards, loss of the glow

Solution:  Sebum changes can cause clogged pores and blemishes.  You might need to change the skin care products you are using at the time. Less nourishing, but more oil control.  

Phase Two: During Period

Skin Condition:  1.  Very sensitive, more acne & breakout
2. Skin gets a bit darker

Solution:  Use mild products + gentle exfoliation – try reduce the stimulation to the skin.  If you can leave without make up, do so, otherwise, try to just apply as light make up as possible.

Phase Three: 1-7 days after Period

Skin Condition: 1. Skin’s elasticity restores
2. Skin can quickly absorb nutrition

Solution:  Finally, this is the best time to boost your skin condition since your metabolism is the fastest ever and ready to take on everything you throw at it.  Don’t worry you will over-do,  bring it on – all the expansive mask, cream, serum!!! There won’t be any waste! 🙂


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  1. HelenW1 says:

    So true, very helpful, thanks…

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