I know I have been slack for a while. Like said last time, I want to talk about the pills or power or drink, whatever contributes to the beautiful skin. I call them skin food.
In fact I am not really that old, however, I don’t like wrinkles (like you can tell already), hence I try to do something to prevent those unpleasant lines appearing.
I have had a few skin food till today.
Time Perfection from Imedeen
My friend who used to study in the same classroom shared this magic product to me. Although she is younger than me, she is obsessed with skin quality. By the time she told me about this, she been taking it for 2 years and seemed the effect was wonderful. I was not sure how much the pill helped, but giving the fact that she still appears quite youthful and energetic, with studying 20 hours a day, no enough sleep, etc. etc, I was kinda of convinced. Hence I started taking Imedeen from then. The ingredient contains: the Biomarine ComplexTM, plus LycoPhence GSTM, a natural-based combination of two highly potent anti-oxidants that work together to neutralize free radical damage. Anti-oxidants, grape seed and tomato extract, that work immediately by forming a protective barrier around collagen and elastin fibres.
The effect is good, I reckon. I still have pimples (since this anti-aging product doesn’t help pimple), but it help skin moisture balance and reduce fine lines & protect you from UV.
I am still having it these days. One box about AUD70-80 dollars. For a month supply, about 2 dollars a day. Hmm, comparatively expensive, so sometimes, I cut my coffee. 😉 But if you want to have babies, better just stop taking it.
FANCL – HTC Collagen
8 years ago, I was searching online about beauty products and started forming the initial idea of eating skin food instead of buying expensive skin care cosmetics. “care from inside”, I kinda of pride myself realizing that. Anyway, I saw this product, and think it’s not that expensive, hence I ordered it—HTC Collagen. Technical teams, HTC =High Tripeptide Containing Collagen, well means it’s good collagen, better than normal collagen, easy to be absorbed and refresh your skin.
You know what, I didn’t specifically felt the improvement, because I was only in my 20’s, so I didn’t have much skin problem in the first place. But I felt good, that my skin being taken care of. All mental, yes, I know. OK, this is comparative cheaper one, 180tablets-bag, about AUD36 bag, 6 tablets/day, around 1 dollar a day.
FANCL-Deluxe Tense up
Among every skin food I have taken, this one tastes the best. It is a fruity flavour beverage in the lovely small bottles. People say (at least the rich move stars) this product is awesome, which provides intensive care to firmer, smoother and more radiant skin. It contains high quality HTC Collagen, Coenzyme Q10, Blue-berried Honeysuckle, Ceramide (from rice), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Starch syrup, Pectin, Soy polysaccharide, Erythritol, Citric acid, Flavourings, Fruit juice (orange, grape fruit, apple). Easy to absorb and boost collagen synthesis far more effectively than normal collagen. Well, I only had one or two boxes, too expensive. 50ml x10 bottle per box, around AUD80, ten day’s supply, means 8 dollar per day.
Isotonix™ OPC-3
OK, my aunty introduced this one to me. She said grape seed is wonderful thing, actually, you can see from the ingredients I listed for other skin food above, many of them contain grape seed extract. This one also has Bilberry and pine bark contain bioflavonoids known as anthocyanosides and procyanins. These antioxidant compounds are known to be 50 times as powerful as vitamin C or E in quenching free radicals. OPC also Contains antioxidants that protect the cells and tissues from damages by free radicals. Free radicals are small, highly reactive molecules which can be formed in cigarette smoke, processed, fried or microwaved foods, environmental chemical pollution, radiation, and essentially normal metabolism.
Good things come not cheap, in powder form, 45 servings per bottle, US95, about 2+dollar a day. I had two bottles, stopped after 3 months.
Still can’t decide, if I take so many pills, how much money I have to spend? Hence I only take Imedeen now, but when I want to have kids, I might change to OPC or just something only for the benefit of babies. Hehe.

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