Well, I guess every girl starts pay attention to her looks/appearance/body figure from around 8-10 years old (now maybe a bit earlier given media invasion to life). I began putting myself on some sort of diet from 10 years old (although I was pretty skinny then) and searched every magazine my mom or sister had for beauty tips.
I did practise some, here they are. Quite simple just in case you want to try. ^_^
– Chewing gums
If you chew some gums 5-20mins a day, can help reduce wrinkles, boost healthy complexion. Because chewing helps exercise facial muscles, increase blood circulation and enhance the metabolism. Not hard, right? Just a chewing gum after meal, also saves you brushing teeth.
-Riceball massage
This might sounds funny to you. When you finished cooking the rice, pick some (do not burn yourself) and knead it into a softball. Then put it on your face, rub it on your face. It will suck out all the extra oil and dirt in your pores, till the riceball became grey/blackish, rinse face with water, you are done. It is a good way to clean your face and help it breathe, which help reduce wrinkles. I don’t really use this these days, since I don’t cook rice that much. When I used it when I still lived with parents, it did helped my face getting fairer & glowing.
Fight the wrinkles!

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